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Difference Between a Venue Manager and Event Planner

Running a successful event, especially a wedding, requires coordination from all parties involved. That, in turn, calls for every party to know their responsibilities. However, most people still can't differentiate an event planner from a venue manager. Both are crucial to the success of the event and have distinct duties.

So, if you have a wedding coming up or any other event, you need to familiarize yourself with their roles. Luckily, this article will guide you on the duties and responsibilities to ensure you have an epic experience at your event.

So, What's a Venue Manager's Job?

First off, a venue manager coordinates all on-site-related activities. That's the guy behind your experience of the venue. Let's break it down for you.

They Coordinate Your Vendors' Access

The site's manager can suggest some vendors for you at your request, but that's not entirely their job. Secondly, they coordinate the vendors' access to the facility and guide them on where to set up on the event's day. Thirdly, they work with the vendors to ensure their facility provides ample experience for their activities. For instance, the venue can provide chairs, tables, and tablecloths at your request. The contract with the venue manager on what they offer provides guidance on any limitations.

Managing All In-house Offers

As stated before, venue managers coordinate site-related activities, that means everything the facility will offer to enhance your experience on-site is their responsibility. That could be in-house catering, washroom supplies, stable electrical connection to facilitate sound systems and lighting, water and plumbing tasks, and trash receptacles. A venue manager's role here is to ensure you enjoy the facility to the maximum.

Handling Cleaning of the Venue

The venue manager ensures the facility is clean and ready for your event. So, all the dusting and litter collection is their responsibility. That way, your guests have access to a clean place. Also, while coordinating with your event planner, the venue managers are responsible for your access to cleaners at your event. So, in case of spills, broken glass on the floor, dirty toilets, this is the person your event planner should consult. The venue manager is also responsible for cleaning after the event is over. That's their facility, so after everyone has left, they coordinate cleaning of their space.

Coordinating Guests' Access and Exit

The venue manager oversees guiding guests accessing the facility. So, issues to do with parking, this is your go-to person. They also direct loading in and out to ensure everything is in the correct place and guide venue visitors on exit.

Handles Venue Security

Lastly, it's also the venue's management's responsibility to guarantee its visitors' security. Therefore, the venue manager coordinates your guests' security the entire time they have access to the facility. However, it's your guests' responsibility to take care of their personal property.

An Event Planner's Duty Guide

First off, you need to understand that an event planner is a person you choose to help you achieve your dream wedding. As for the venue manager, they are the venue's staff. Let's look at their responsibilities on your big day.

You Have Access to the Planner Throughout the Event

When working with a venue manager, they can leave after ensuring everything is working according to plan. As for the planner, they typically run your entire event, so they cannot go at any one point until everything is to completion. That means, depending on your agreement, they may be with you from the onset of the planning, rehearsals, throughout the day, and later, after you leave the venue, they are left behind to clear up. However, if you hire a planner for the big day only, then they will only coordinate your activities for that day alone but in totality.

They Coordinate the Day's Timeline

An event planner controls the event's timeline and everything in between. They ensure every person meant to contribute to the day's success plays their part. A planner will even be with you as you attend a photo session away from the reception and ensure that your guests are doing great. They are like the directors in a film to ensure nobody misses the script. They know who will handle gifting, they have the cake manager on check with decorations and everything, and ensure the photographer doesn't miss any crucial details. A planner is a masterpiece behind the event's success.

Handles Both Minor and Major Detailing

The event planner works for your good, not for the facility hosting you. Therefore, their job is to make sure your dream comes to reality. So, minor details like the groom not tying their bow are their responsibility. Cheering up a moody bridesmaid is also their responsibility. Also, coordinating your unruly guests is another one of their tasks in conjunction with the facility's security. Besides that, ensuring your guest list confirmation before the event is another one of their responsibilities. Anything to ensure you enjoy your day to the maximum is your planner's duty.

Ensuring Every Vendor Gives Their Best

Another one of their responsibilities is to ensure the food caterers serve the correct measures and varieties of foods as agreed in the contract. The planner also checks if the food is of the right quality before the guests access it. Additionally, the planner ensures all other vendors from the decoration company, the cake vendor, and the logistics company are available on time till the end of the event.

Handles Everything After the Guests Departure

Lastly, the event planner is among the people that leave last after the event. They ensure the gifts leave the venue safely, all personal property like the bride's changing attires are in safe hands, and they coordinate logistics where necessary for guests. They ensure to leave the hosting ground with only what they found and ready for cleaning from its management.

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