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What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

Congratulations – your big day is fast approaching! Once you set the date, the first question that comes to mind is if you will need a designated wedding planner or plan the wedding on your own. Working with a wedding planner is often the best decision that a couple makes.

Numerous wedding planners are available for hire, each with a unique personality, experiences, and ideas. But what are the traits of the best wedding planner? The process of choosing a great planner can be overwhelming and complicated. However, it doesn't have to! We have prepared a list of what to look for in a wedding planner.

Creativity and Patience

Creativity and patience are vital qualities that a great wedding planner possesses; each is inadequate without the other.

Perhaps you want a wedding at the beach or one with fairground rides. Your wedding planner should be creative enough to pull off a dream wedding based on your vision and ideas.

Additionally, a wedding planner must be innovative while suggesting alternative options for your wedding. For instance, you may not know the type of wedding that would suit you best; the color theme might be the only idea you have in mind. In such a scenario, your wedding planner should show you details of various weddings they have managed or prepare mood boards that match your style. Eventually, you will gather some ideas and inspiration.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and emotional. You may change your mind halfway through the process, think of a different theme or revise your budget. A great planner is understanding and patient. They should be empathetic and quickly adapt to your needs.

Proper Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication is vital; it enhances the entire planning process. Consider the time a planner takes to respond after your text, call, or email them. Does the planner take too long to respond to clients? Is the planner too busy to take a call? If you hire a planner who regularly updates you on the planning process, you will be at peace. If engaged, a good planner ensures that you know when to expect a response from them.

A great wedding planner must have excellent interpersonal skills that come in handy when interacting with everyone involved in the wedding. They should be outgoing, friendly, and willing to work with stressed couples and emotional parents.

Additionally, good communication skills are vital when the planner works with merchants and vendors. They need to reach out and review each of your vendors contracts to make sure your day goes as planned, and make sure everyone involved is looped in.

Budget Management

Weddings are expensive; a good planner must provide reliable financial advice. They should allocate finances depending on your budget and offer realistic financial options.

Your planner's ability to work within your budget enables you to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank or sacrificing anything. Meaning, they should know how to bargain for the best deals and refer you to reliable and affordable vendors within your area.

Additionally, your wedding planner should provide wedding insurance that covers all parties against damage, liability, or loss. While we all hope for the best, it's wise to be ready for unforeseen circumstances.

Staff Management

Ensure that you know the number of weddings the planner is organizing. Also, find out if the other events will happen on the same day or month as your wedding.

If the wedding planner works with a large event planning organization, the company probably has numerous events in the pipeline plus a team of experts. Therefore, staff management skills are necessary for such a situation.

It would be best to have a planner devoted to your event to ensure the planning process and the wedding run smoothly.

Personality and Trust

Hire a planner that you quickly get along with. There are days when you will have so much information to share with your wedding planner, and there are days that you will be stressed and tired. When things get tough, you need a planner who listens, works under pressure and stays calm.

Even if you come across a planner with excellent planning skills, only hire them if you are confident that they are trustworthy and your personalities click.

Business Savvy

Besides wedding planning skills, a good planner should have all the other skills needed to run a business. For example, finance knowledge to keep your wedding on a budget while human resource skills are necessary when hiring additional staff and managing the planning team.

Wedding planning also involves signing contracts and deals with other vendors on behalf of the couple.

A wedding planner should maintain a good relationship with other wedding professionals. If different experts in the wedding industry respect the planner, you can be confident that they offer exemplary services.

Who wants to hire a pushy planner who doesn't follow contracts or respect other professionals? Strictly choose a business-savvy wedding planner.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner


They Listen Without Judging

Most wedding planners are good listeners. So, whether you are overexcited about the event décor and your friends are tired of discussing it, or you feel anxious, your planner will always be there for you.

Although a wedding planner isn't your therapist, they can act as a mediator if a planning-related conflict arises between you and your family or partner.

They Will Transform the Venue

Choosing and preparing a venue can be tricky, but an experienced planner will help you reimagine the space.

Whether you want to add a personal touch or host 200 guests from different cultures, your planner will work the magic.

You Will Be Exposed to New Ideas

Hiring someone to plan your wedding is an excellent idea if you are not into events planning. Your planner will introduce you to things that you never thought would make your wedding remarkable.

They Are Experts

Wedding planners have expert knowledge that you probably lack. Don't settle for ideas that you are okay with. Your planner will offer ideas that you will love.


You Won't Need to Be in Control

Sometimes it's good to give up control. However, it's your wedding, and you probably want to know and do everything. If you love being in control, the best decision would be to plan the wedding independently.

You Might Feel Detached

Since your planner handles almost everything, you might feel like you missed out on the fun of planning your wedding. However, you can choose to work closely with your planner to avoid feeling detached. If not, do it yourself and get to enjoy the whole wedding experience.

Added Expense

Hiring a wedding planner can be pretty costly. If your wedding budget is small, investing in a planner may not be a good idea.


Wedding planners are essentially a lifesaver, especially if you don't enjoy planning large events. Choose wisely, set clear expectations, and practice proper communication with your planner to ensure that everything goes well on the BIG day.

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