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What is Wedding Insurance and Why is it Important?

There's no doubt you've put endless hours into your upcoming wedding. But, most importantly, you've invested a considerable percentage of your life's savings on this day. So, the last thing you would anticipate is something going out of the plan and derailing your special event. Generally, couples don't think anything can go wrong in a meticulously planned event.

However, in reality, anything can happen. A good example is the COVID-19 outbreak that led to the cancellation of weddings in the country. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to protect yourself. As you continue with your preparations, a wedding insurance policy is a unique event coverage that provides peace of mind.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is special event insurance that covers couples against losses and uncertainties outside their control. The wedding coverage will shield you against financial losses from various circumstances. The uncertainties covered depend on the type of wedding insurance you'll buy.

What are the Different Types of Wedding Insurance Policies?

As you already know, insurance can get complicated, and wedding insurance is no exception. However, the special event coverage has been classified into two categories, making it easier to understand. Based on your finances, you can buy one or both.

1. Wedding Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is one of the critical policies you should have. It will probably be required by your Erie County, PA, wedding venue. Wedding liability insurance protects both venue and your guests in the event of uncertainties such as;

  • Damages to the wedding venue caused by your guests

  • Injuries sustained at the venue

Importantly, liability insurance includes host liquor liability insurance (covers charges emanating from alcohol consumption in your wedding). However, liability insurance will only cover events in a 24–48-hour period, such as wedding rehearsals and reception breakdown.

2. Wedding Cancellation Insurance

This wedding insurance policy protects you against unforeseen uncertainties that can force you to postpone your event. In such a case, you'll not only lose your deposits but you'll be left with bills to pay. Some of the uncertainties covered under this policy include:

  • Military deployment

  • Damages to your wedding dress

  • Problem with vendors

  • Serious illness or injuries

  • Extreme weather conditions

However, the insurance providers do not cover all the aspects discussed above. As such, it's necessary to liaise with your insurer to determine what will be covered and the associated costs.

What's Not Covered by the Wedding Insurance?

As discussed above, wedding insurance covers multiple uncertainties. However, some instances might not get covered. You need to understand some of the aspects that will not be covered. This will help you to provide homemade solutions to these uncertainties. Some of these instances include:

  • Jewelry, precious stones, and watches

  • A change of heart

  • Engagement ring

What is the Cost of Wedding Insurance?

The cost of wedding insurance policies varies from one provider to the other. In the same case, your wedding coverage cost will depend on the insurance provider you'll select. However, some general factors will determine the money you'll pay, such as the number of guests and the value of your wedding attire.

Typically, a basic policy covering losses such as special attire, wedding rings, and photos runs from $155 to $600. However, there are no restrictions on how much you can spend on your wedding insurance. You can drive it down or higher based on additional factors such as adding cancellation insurance coverage.

Why Should You Purchase a Wedding Insurance?

As indicated above, the majority of the couples ignore the issue of wedding insurance. There seem to be other factors that take precedence in such a huge event. There's no doubt that there are many more important things to consider in wedding planning.

However, wedding insurance is critically important. You can easily control many things, such as organizing your North East, PA, wedding venue to suit your tastes. Also, some aspects are beyond control, such as hurricanes, pandemics, and severe illnesses. These are real issues that can hurt your wedding day and bank balance.

Understandably, wedding insurance is another expense that adds to the massive list of costs you've to cover. However, it's a worthy expense that may save you from physical, emotional, and financial trauma. In addition, you'll be peaceful knowing any unforeseen eventuality is covered.

When to Purchase Your Wedding Insurance

As you plan to purchase your wedding insurance policy, focus on optimizing all the possible coverage avenues. The goal is to ensure all the wedding expenses and preparations have been covered. Therefore, you should buy your wedding insurance before making any wedding-related expenses. This will ensure such costs can be covered if anything goes wrong.

However, it's never too late to get wedding insurance. You can access this policy 24 hours before your big day. Unfortunately, the expenses and plans you've already made will not be covered.

How to Choose Your Wedding Insurance

Choosing your wedding insurance policy is not a straightforward process. You'll need to dig deep and analyze the majority of the companies offering special events coverage in North East, PA. Online reviews, references from trusted parties, and the general reputation of a company will inform you of the appropriate insurance company to consider.

Besides analyzing the reputation of your insurance provider, it's essential to determine the level of coverage. For example, you should select an insurance provider covering liability and wedding cancellation. Also, pay attention to affordable companies. Remember, your wedding insurance cost should not carry considerable weight in your wedding budget.

We are Here to Help

At Beach Glass Estates, a leading wedding venue in Lake Erie, PA, we understand handling wedding preparations can be hectic. That's why the majority of the couples tend to forget wedding insurance as a vital coverage that protects against unforeseen circumstances.

As a reputable wedding venue in Erie County, PA, we focus on avoiding any eventuality in our historic wedding facility. However, we understand that anything can happen. That's why our staff are ready to guide you in any wedding-related preparations, including wedding insurance.

Contact us for wedding venue services in North East, PA, to get everything started.


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