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How to Choose the Right Color Palette for Your Wedding

Wedding planning involves a lot of aspects to achieve a successful event. One of the most crucial of them is choosing the ideal color palette. That's because the color scheme coordinates various decisions, including decorations, wedding attires, and venue choice.

Therefore, if you get it wrong from the choice of color palette, a lot could fall apart on your big day. However, as much as it's a hectic exercise, familiarizing yourself with guiding factors to make the right choice will save you a great deal.

That's why we have put together this detailed guide to help streamline your journey. Read on.

Main Aspects to Guide Your Decision

1. Your Skin Tone

Considering your skin tone is a great place to begin. It's your big day, after all. That said, there are three primary skin tones; warm, cool, and neutral, and you fall under either of them. For instance,

  • If your skin has a green or light brown tint, it falls in the warm undertone group.

  • If your skin has a bluish or rosy pink undertone, that's a cool undertone.

  • If it has a grayish tint or no visible colors, you have a neutral undertone.

With that out of the way, let's find out how to choose the right colors for the skin tones.

  • People with warm undertones can go for warm colors that complement their skin, like rosy pinks and reds and pale yellows.

  • As for cool undertones, you will never go wrong with cool colors like blues and purples.

  • As for the neutral buddies, the good news is you can pick any considering other factors like seasons and favorites.

2. Wedding Theme

Here's another great option to guide your color choice. There are a variety of wedding themes depending on the couple's preference. That may include romantic, beach, garden, modern, vintage, rustic, and even traditional weddings. The list is endless, but we can sample a few.

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A Beach Wedding

You need colors that compliment the cool breeze, elegant sunsets and bring out the natural effect of this setup. Colors like sky blue, peach, blush, marine blue, latte, and some sage green would be a great choice.

A Rustic Wedding

Colors like emerald, champagne, and lavender are a great choice, to begin with, as they are great at bringing out the countryside effect.

Modern Weddings

These trendy, sleek, and sophisticated weddings could use some monochromatic color palettes like some blues, reds, greens, and some neutrals.

Vintage Weddings

For this, you need colors that bring out the vibe of living in the past. Colors like gold, cantaloupe, turquoise, and some light blue are easy to blend and bring out the vintage vibe.

3. Wedding Season

Seasons are a great way to pick the appropriate color for your wedding. They dictate the weather conditions, which sometimes could influence the effects of various colors. However, don't let seasons define your color choice if you have already settled for one. Let's sample some of the best colors, depending on the seasons.

Spring Wedding Colors

You need bright colors to compliment the blooming flower season right after winter. Colors like sage green, dusty rose, and slate blue are great for this season.

Summer Wedding Colors

It's the season to go all out with bright colors. Don't be afraid to have a pink event, a light blue vibe, lavender, or some orange. Play around and make it colorful.

Fall Wedding Colors

It's the harvest season, and the environment is usually vibrant. Such warm colors like orange, burgundy, blush, hunter green, and silver will do.

Winter Wedding Colors

It might be a calm and cold season, but don't be afraid to pull bold colors. For this season, black, gold, turquoise, and some dusty blue will lift your spirits depending on the wedding theme.

How and Where to Incorporate Your Wedding Colors

After settling down on the perfect colors for your wedding, here are a few essential spots to incorporate them.

  • Wedding Outfits: That could be the bride's gown, groom's shirt or pocket square, and the maids' outfits.

  • Linens: Your base color will help set the mood if it's visible, at least on the napkins, drapes, table runners, and chairs.

  • Flowers: It's another item to consider when settling for your color palette. Make sure you find flowers that match your color palette to flow with the theme.

  • Stationery: Lastly, your cards should match your wedding colors. From invitation cards, RSVP to thank you cards. That helps distribute the vibe and leave a mark on the guest's memory.

Color Palettes Mistakes to Avoid

You already have a clue about how to make your choice. However, you should avoid these few details when deciding on the best color combos.

Avoid Picking Too Many Colors

A color palette for your wedding should have a range of at least three to five colors. Too many colors reduce focus. Your guests will have a hard time concentrating as their attention is all over the place. However, if you incorporate more than five colors, go for neutrals and pastel shades to give a calming effect.

Avoid Picking Colors That are Not Complementary

Another mistake is choosing colors that don't allow each other to shine while combined. The vibe is usually off and could draw away the guest's attention. For this, consult a color wheel to understand what colors complement each other to create a lively mood.

Avoid Colors That Clash With the Theme of the Wedding

Lastly, you need to understand your wedding theme to incorporate the right color palette. For instance, including a bright red on a beach wedding might take away the cool and calm effect of the beach. In this case, first, settle on your ideal wedding theme, then work around it to bring out the perfect color scheme.


We cannot exhaust information about wedding color palettes as it's a broad topic. However, the above tips are a great starting point even for someone not great with colors. That said, if you have a wedding coming up in Erie, Pennsylvania, at Beach Glass Estates, we have the best venue to guide you in choosing the right color palette. With one of the most beautiful, historic buildings with a touch of the coastline, you have options to make your color choice. Contact us today and book a visit.


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