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Planning to Personalize Your Erie County Wedding Venue? Here's How to do It

Your wedding day stands out as one of the biggest days in your life. It's a day when you want everything to work out. Therefore, anything that goes wrong or looks misplaced creates a dent in an otherwise special occasion graced by friends and loved ones.

Selecting a stand-out but historic wedding venue in PA seems like something a romantic person would do. But, does the facility meet your specific tastes and preferences in décor, reception, drapes, and lighting? Here are 6 customization tips to help you put your stamp on the venue through personal styles.

1. Create a New Photo Location

This is probably not the first time you're visiting the wedding venue on Lake Erie. There's also a likelihood that your guests have seen photos of the beach and taken similar photos.

So the last thing you would entertain is your photo background being the same as everyones in Erie, PA.

You need to utilize our unique space.

We are always ready to listen to the desires of our couples. So don't hesitate to ask your us for a particular spot for group shots. You can go the extra mile and have a few rentals set up where you can have a few extra wedding snaps or even place for guests to mingle.

2. Consider Patterned or Colored Fabrics

Hanging some decorative fabrics is an easy method of giving your wedding room a vibrant look on a budget. Importantly, you don't have to re-decorate the entire room with patterned fabrics to transform the interiors.

Colored fabrics are essential in any wedding as they communicate the day's theme. You want to avoid the usual white linen or wood finishes that is in our historic estate.

Splashing unique but bright colors will brighten the entire facility and create a different atmosphere.

3. Incorporate Personal Touches

It is expected that you will have a grand design and plan for your wedding. This is typical for any person who has been planning for their wedding for an extended period. However, it is attention to detail that matters.

  • Gather song requests from your guests

  • Create a unique #hashtag just for your special day for all your social media addicted guests

  • You can order personalize jars or glasses with your North East, PA on them to serve as a keepsake for your guests.

  • Custom Mix CDs of the couple's favorite love tunes makes a very meaningful favor

  • Do something fun with your napkin fold.

  • Add a dreamy play corner to entertain the little ones (but make it classy with a lace teepee, wooden puzzles, storybooks etc.

  • Work with your Bar Service and make up a signature drink

  • If you want to go an extra mile of having jars of sweets on the bar tables or placing some fancy toiletries in the ladies.

  • The little touches will wow your guests and remind them of your wedding.

4. Customize Your Catering

Some wedding venues also take care of reception and catering aspects.However, sometimes you might not be sure about the culinary prowess of the venue experts. Everything can go south if you don't take charge of what is happening in the kitchen. Some people have had to cope with low-quality meals owing to bad catering aspects.

You don't want your visitors to feel disappointed.

That's why you should have control of everything happening on your wedding day and that is why we let you choose your own vendors and your own catering options. So you can have the day you dreamed about.

5. Change the Lighting System

Digging deep for some new and unique lighting systems can take your wedding experience to another level. You don't have to buy some new lighting fixtures as there are local rental companies that can help you with the latest lighting fixtures. (TIP: sometimes check with your DJ)

It would help if you had different lighting fixtures for the main hall, reception, bars, and archway deck to set the mood. Make sure the lighting fixtures are comfortable for your guests but also consistent with the theme of your wedding.

6. Choose a Striking Theme

Firstly, a wedding theme gives you somewhere to start. Everything needs to be aligned to the theme that you have selected. You don't want your wedding venue experts to dictate what should happen.

Sometimes the wedding venue planners might not know what you need. In such a situation, you run the risk of bringing chaos into your wedding through different décor elements and colors.

To avoid running your celebrations, let everyone know your desired theme. Be unique by ensuring that everything through to the wedding cake is uniform. A fantastic wedding theme will make our wedding venue stand out from other events that your guests have attended.

How Can Our Venue at Beach Glass Estates, Erie County, PA Assist You?

As a leading wedding venue in Erie County, PA, Beach Glass Estates is focused on giving you a memorable backdrop on your big day. If you love historic buildings that form part of wedding aesthetics, our venue provides precisely that.

Besides, we understand that your preferences might not coincide with our wedding venue layout. That is why we give flexibility that allows our clients to personalize their wedding day to match their tastes.

Our wedding venue experts are here to help you with anything wedding related. Contact our Lake Erie wedding venue by filling out the form below to get everything started.


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