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Wedding Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The lifting of curfews, travel restrictions, and rules on social gatherings have brought back party mode, and we are definitely here for it! It wouldn't be too far-fetched to point out that 2022 will be rife with raucous celebrations. Chances are that if you found yourself here, you are looking to incorporate trends that top-tier wedding planners and event designers see taking over ceremonies in 2022.

Reverse-Destination Themes

While travel bans have been lifted for most of the magical destinations where couples have exchanged their vows in the past, people are still wary when it comes to travel. In light of this, couples are seeking to create their dream destinations exactly where they are.

While weddings are the time to make your dreams come true, you still want to keep your eye on logistics. This theme has established itself as a budget-friendly way to wed. You get to have significant savings without necessarily sacrificing style.

Sequel Weddings

What better way to double the celebrations than with a sequel wedding! The latter has carved itself out as a creative way to have your wedding plans uninterrupted, even as we navigate the changes brought about by COVID-19.

A sequel wedding allows you to have two ceremonies, including the original wedding date. You first get to have a small ceremony with just the closest friends and family. After that, you can host a larger reception once the world gets further away from the grips of the pandemic.

The first event makes for an excellent opportunity to get the formalities done ahead of time. A neat advantage is that you can take romantic photos that you can then share with everyone during the future reception. Besides, you get the chance to get away with avoiding some of the traditions and expectations that you would have otherwise had to cram into your day.

Curated Guest Lists

Couples are no longer restricted as it pertains to the number of invites for their big day. Still, the pandemic and unseeing health concerns have necessitated that couples ponder over guest list priorities. This also comes at a time where there is a greater interest in keeping ceremonies as intimate as can be.

As such, take time to really focus on the people that matter the most. What's more, by really cutting down on the invites, you get to focus more on the overall guest experience, in favor of just the numbers.

Weekday Weddings

The pandemic might have just changed the wedding industry forever. It brought about significant delays in nuptials and postponements to "when things get back to normal." The result is that there is an influx of weddings, and wedding venues can hardly meet the demand.

The result, you ask? Weekday weddings. These have turned out to be a favorite as couples seek to secure their favorite venues or avoid the long wait if they were to settle for a weekend date.

What's made weekday weddings a trend, too, is that photographers, caterers, florists, and entertainers are booked back-to-back for most weekends in 2022.

Earthy, Nature-Inspired Palettes

Seeing that we were all mostly indoors this year, there's seems to be a greater appreciation for nature. This is seen in the palettes included within your décor, especially seeing as earthy tones work seamlessly with the trendy vintage-themed weddings we should be seeing next year.

For the décor, consider decorating with multiple browns within the same temperature but of different undertones as this gives off a soothing, layered look.

If you are looking to add subtle contrasts within the different décor elements, consider yellow, red, and blue hints. Sunflower is an excellent choice as they lighten up the color scheme that is predominantly browns and taupes.

An unexpected color palette that we should be seeing next year is mauves, lavenders, mocha, and grey. These add a touch of femininity without having an overly girly vibe. What's more, including this palette within your décor gives off a sophisticated vibe that you can be sure will be truly memorable.

Bridgerton-Inspired Weddings

In 2022, we should be seeing a greater embrace of elegant fashion and luxurious parties that seem to borrow heavily from the Regency period. The opulent imagery found on the TV show should be featured in tandem with a whimsical-inspired theme.

That's where the Bridgerton romance tales come in. The TV show saw audiences enjoy an amazing set with casts wearing amazing costumes.

While we will not see couples dressed like Daphne or Simon, we anticipate some whimsical color palettes, playful ruffles and lace on the dresses, and not-so-subtle hints of luxury.

An exciting trend that will make a comeback in 2022 is bridesmaid dresses inspired by historical afternoon tea, Georgian weddings, and trailing wisteria. This is not to say that the ceremonies will overly be the classic black-tie weddings we have had in the past. In fact, the theme should be significantly relaxed with less fuss about the traditions we have come to appreciate from the past.

Fascinate With the Aesthetics of "Cottagecore"

We are seeing couples be more inclined towards venues with historic architecture and Baldachin ceilings as these point to the current widespread idealization of rural life. These couples are looking for a simple venue that is in line with the need for more sustainability.

These venues nod to the traditional English countryside. Couples looking for a venue that ties into a romantic and nostalgic theme should find the Beach Glass Estates on Lake Erie the place for their nuptials. The historical buildings are great for vintage-themed events with up to 200 guests. A neat advantage of booking with us is that we let you pick the vendors who you feel would best bring your vision to life.

Seeing as we are going into 2022 with a backlog of weddings, dates are quickly filling up, and it would only be prudent that you reach out and book your date as early as now. We invite you to come see just what we can offer at the iHeart Media Erie Bridal Expo Sunday, Feb 20, 2022, at the Bayfront Convention Center.


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