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Wedding Planning Checklist: Preparing for Your Big Day

Congratulations, you're engaged, and this marks an exciting season in your life, and you deserve to enjoy every moment as it unfolds. But a wedding plan can be overwhelming, since it involves tedious tasks you must accomplish to make the period fun and less stressful. This guide will help you manage time and resources right up to your big day and beyond.

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Here is a plan, and if you complete the designated checklist, you'll be on the proper schedule:

12 Months Out

Have a conversation with stakeholders

Before planning every detail, you'll need to have a conversation with the potential stakeholders. You definitely need lots of funds and planning to make your big day memorable, so a conversation with stakeholders should be the first place to start.

Set Your Budget

It's time to do the math and figure out the wedding's bottom line expenditure. Even though the figures are likely to change with time, it's smart to start allocating the funds accordingly. This will help you track your spending and make it easier to adjust the numbers.

Make a Guest List

When deciding on the headcount, consider how much you can afford and fit in the venue. It's a protocol to invite the involved parties, your parents, their friends, and your friends. Next, you negotiate and cut some more until you get the final number.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Having a manager will depend on your budget and the peace of mind you deserve. The individual will guide all your decisions, like selecting the venue and tracking the budget, while handling all logistics.

Select the Venue

You already know who you're marrying, but where? Selecting the venue is vital as it affects and determines everything else. This determines the people to invite and the type of flowers to have. That's why you should start by exploring various options to select the contender who meets your guest, style, and budget.

10-11 Months from Wedding

Chose Color Theme and Design

Gather inspiration and select colors and boards that meet your expectations. If you're struggling to get it, this reflects on the things and themes already in your world. The items to consider will include decorations in your house and what you like.

Hire Vendors: Caterers, Photographers, and the Band

These people can make your day fun and the memories to last forever. Please do your research by asking questions and confirming their availability on a set day. Work with graphic designers to create your dream suite.

Start Shopping for Wedding Dress

You may know exactly what you want, but to get started, you may need to visit several places to find a gown that matches your expectations. Finding a gown may be a matter of trial and error, but finding the best salon is not tricky.

Finalize the Guest List

You have a general idea of how many people will be invited, but now it's time to sit and settle on the guest list. Have a conversation on who really needs to be there and who does not fit.

Book Hotel Rooms and Transport

It's time to select a suitable guest room and ensure it is ideal for your family and friends. During the bookings, you can discuss the block options. Talk to your hotel about the space they have for reservations and confirm if the options can fit your timeline. Consider local transport services as it will be taking guests to and from the ceremony and the reception.

8-9 Months

Choose and Save the Dates

This is the right time to start thinking about invitations. Look at your stationery starting with RSVP cards, save the formal invitations ceremony programs, and place the cards. At this stage, check for designs that reflect your wedding style by involving specialized experts with perfect samples.

Plan your Entertainment

Music plays a significant role from the moment you walk down the aisle to the end of the party. Think about the pro you'll consider, whether a live band or DJ, and book their services. Make your song requests and have a list of the music to play.

Book Photo Session

Work with your photographer to secure an engagement photoshoot. Establish a connection before the deal day to ensure you'll be comfortable in front of the camera. You'll be grateful to have memorable photos that document this unique moment in your life.

6-7 Months

Select Wedding Party Attire

Ask the bridesmaid to come shopping with you and choose their fittings. Also, inquire how they feel about your selected options before wearing them before hundreds. Then invite the groomsmen to test their outfits and order them early to leave time for alterations.

Attend Premarital Counseling (optional)

This is a great way to prepare you for a marriage. In this communication, you'll need to express your wants and expectations to ensure they align with your life goals.

4-5 Months

Book the Honeymoon

Think about where you want to go and determine whether you'd like to depart immediately after the wedding. Look for potential locations based on its luxury and delicacies. That means you should consider budget, time, and travel arrangements.

Plan Your Menu

Food is key to a great party; finalize what you'll serve that day by considering your food service with the caterer. You can customize the menu to meet our favorite meal and set up the wedding cake tasting during the remaining time.

2-3 Months

Attend Wedding Shower

Sit, relax and enjoy your shower with family members and friends. Enjoy every moment of the pre-wedding perk to celebrate the upcoming day.

Schedule Hair and Make-up Trial

Reach out to the stylist, who will schedule a glamour trial. It is time for you to ensure they have a checklist of all the items that would help finalizing your wedding day appearance.

1 Month to the BIG day

Apply for Marriage License

This is the legal document that affirms your "Yes I do". However, the requirements vary depending on the waiting period and the nuptials taking place. Your license is valid for a specific timeline within which you must hold the ceremony.

Finalize Your Day Of Timeline

This is so important- Make sure you talk with your photographer, DJ and VENUE about the day of timeline. Having everyone in the "know" and this planned out will help make the day go smoothly.

Here is a FREE Fillable Timeline Pdf to help!

Congratulations, you're married; pat yourself on the back. Your hard work of longtime planning has paid off. There are a few things you must not forget, like sending reviews and thank you notes to vendors and participants and enjoying your honeymoon. Need more info? Please contact us today.


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