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2023 Wedding Trends

Researching when planning a wedding also involves finding the newest wedding trends to ensure that your wedding designs and aesthetics are on trend. Many wedding trends have come and gone, and as you usher in 2023, you should also expect to see some new wedding trends rise.

If you've found yourself here, chances are that you're looking to discover top-tier wedding trends to incorporate, and we're here to help! From candid photography to minimal tablescapes, this guide will take you through the top wedding trends that are going to take over the world in 2023.

Candid Photography Becoming More Popular

The most popular wedding trend to expect in 2023 is more natural-looking and candid photos. Photography styles seem to be heavily influenced by trends, and the latest wedding photography trend is all about taking candid photos and embracing natural lighting and more casual styles.

Couples are now starting to care less about everything looking perfect and are starting to care more about getting more fun and candid images from their wedding day. It's more about capturing that emotion and action instead of capturing more traditional, posed portraits.

The candid photography style is commonly referred to as the "editorial" style and is more focused on making your wedding gallery resemble Vogue pages with an effortlessly cool vibe. On a similar note, direct flash photography – which captures a more spontaneous and paparazzi-style vibe, is about to become very popular in 2023.

Smaller and More Intimate Wedding Celebrations

More couples are interested in keeping their wedding ceremonies as intimate and personalized as possible, and that includes having more small guest counts. Keeping your guest count small is not only about saving on your wedding expenses but also ensuring you keep the ceremony intimate by inviting your favorite people.

As such, focusing more on the people closest to you and who matter the most to you will keep the ceremony as intimate as possible. Cutting down on the number of invites will also allow you to focus on your overall guest experience.

More Mismatched Bridal Dresses

The concept of mismatched bridesmaids' dresses is not new, but there will be more mismatch trends in 2023 as bridesmaids are given more freedom to choose their styles and show off their personalities. The current bridal mismatch trend is where bridesmaids wear the same color dress but choose their own style and cut.

In 2023, bridesmaids' dresses are going a notch higher with the mismatch trend as more weddings embrace more stylish and complementary dress styles. Expect to see bridesmaids in different colors, styles, and patterns. This trend is a great way to soften your wedding's overall look, tie in your entire favorite color scheme, and create a chic aesthetic.

Sequins and Embellishments Are Getting More Popular in Wedding Fashion

Most weddings have always been synonymous with glamour and glitz, but many brides shifted to more pared-back looks and micro ceremonies. However, the return of the large-scale nuptials trend is set to be more prevalent in 2023.

After all, weddings are meant to be grand celebrations, and bridesmaids can now express themselves more through their bridalwear. Expect to see more designers play into a sumptuous aesthetic and make dresses embellished with sequins.

More Shift Toward All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

Now more than ever, more couples are opting for all-inclusive wedding venues where they can have everything taken care of in one place. This trend will continue to take over in 2023, even if it involves traveling and exploring a favorite destination.

All-inclusive wedding venues will allow you to have your ceremony, take pictures, and host an after-party without having to worry about having a dreaded journey between your ceremony and photography session or dinner. In fact, all-inclusive venues reduce travel disasters and stressful transitions and create a more cohesive day.

Petite Bouquets and Minimal Tablescapes

Couples are growing tired of overfilled wedding settings and are now downsizing for a more minimal look. In 2023, expect to see cleaner tablescapes with a contemporary throwback look where flowers will have more neutral shades and minimal shapes.

More people will also opt for elegant petite bouquets as opposed to wild and abundant flower arrangements. When it comes to florals in a wedding setting, you're going to see more of the "less is more" trend.

Brighter, Whimsical Colors Might Be Back

A lot of wedding ceremonies are currently minimal and laid-back, with more neutrals like white and black. However, there's something exciting and beautiful about whimsical and brighter colors, a trend everyone is excited to see as it makes its way back into most wedding ceremonies in 2023.

Expect more couples embracing a more whimsical aesthetic with bolder and brighter colors – and with more couples turning to TikTok for inspiration, there will be more creativity in the wedding industry.

Brighter colors through flowers or even colorful and floral bridesmaids' dresses will symbolize vibrancy, joy, and new beginnings – a perfect concept for bolder couples.

Curated Designer Bridal Wardrobe Will Continue to Trend in 2023

The "wedding wardrobe" trend has dominated TikTok lately, so expect more personality as the designer bridal wardrobe continues to become popular in 2023. The trend has revolutionized bridal fashion, with more brides building a capsule collection for wedding events.

A wedding wardrobe includes all the outfits that the bride might need for the entire period of the wedding event or wedding preparation, excluding the wedding dress. That includes what the bride will wear to the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, bridal shower, and so on.

In the spirit of revamping your wedding's fashion rules, the wedding wardrobe idea involves curating your wardrobe outfits and accessories to have a fashionable and cohesive capsule collection.

Now that you know what wedding trends to expect in 2023, it's time to prepare, and that starts with booking a wedding venue. With a backlog of wedding ceremonies during this engagement season, it's best to start planning your wedding as early as possible because dates are quickly being filled up. Contact us today to book your wedding date as early as now.


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