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10 Tips for Your Wedding: How to Make the Most of Your Big Day

Planning your wedding day is tiresome and time-consuming. So, it's only fair that you enjoy every second of the event. However, if you get swept up in the cyclone, you might miss the special moments of your celebration. Below are some tips to make the most of your big day.

Plan Ahead

Your wedding will probably be one of the most significant events you will ever plan, so it has to be excellent if not perfect. Choose your suppliers and the entire planning team carefully since they will have a significant impact on the success of your big day. Ensure that everyone involved in your wedding understands your needs and style. And while at it, remember not to schedule too many events so you can have enough time for yourself.

There are many things to do and decisions to make weeks leading up to the event day. Tackle everything as soon as possible rather than handling DIY projects last minute. Resting on the week before the event will keep you calm and ready for the party.

Break in Your Shoes Before the Wedding

If you are always in flat shoes, wearing heels on your wedding day could transform a beautiful first dance into utter agony. Of course, it would help if you considered comfort while choosing the proper footwear. However, with efficient preparation, you can stand, walk and dance in stilettos and avoid unnecessary feet aches.

Slip into your heels and move around for 30 minutes one week before the wedding day; do it several times for better results. Shoes worn a few times offer greater comfort than those yet to be unpacked.

Additionally, you can purchase a pair of inserts for your wedding heels. Use a full insole or smaller inserts that support targeted areas like the toes.

Remember to Eat

You will likely get caught up in the fun of your wedding celebration, but no matter the situation, you must eat. The last thing you would want is your growling stomach to be the focus of attention.

Start your big day with a heavy breakfast, including some light carbs and protein. Then, don't forget to enjoy a plate of healthy food at the wedding reception.

Take Time to Be Alone With Your Partner

If you don't plan well, you might have little quality time with your partner on your wedding day. While many guests would want to talk to you, allocate some time in your schedule to enjoy alone time after the ceremony.

A bridal suite or a different private area is a great place to steal a few kisses and admire your wedding rings with your spouse. Inform your event planner sooner so they can provide water, champagne, or anything else you might need.

Provide Options

While you might want all your guests to dance all night long at your wedding reception, some might not be able to remain active until late. Therefore, provide a seating section for guests who want to rest without necessarily leaving the venue.

First Dance

Your first dance can either be a romantic moment in the arms of your spouse or an awkward shuffle while everyone is watching. Regardless of whether you are a regular dancer, there are several things you can do to ensure a flawless and memorable dance.

First, don't pick a popular song; instead, choose one that suits you both. For instance, if you love a specific song, but it doesn't sound wedding-appropriate, you can find its acoustic or cover version that flows perfectly. Remember to keep the song short and sweet; three minutes of good music and impressive choreography is enough to leave your guests craving for more.

Secondly, make sure your wedding gown is comfortable enough not to get in the way of your dance moves. Off-shoulder styles, long trains, or mermaid design gowns can be restrictive for some dance moves. Also, practice the dance in your wedding shoes to see if you can move comfortably on the dance floor. However, you can change your dress or shoes for your preferred choreography. A second dress isn't a bad idea after all!

Thirdly, practice and learn some basics with the help of a professional choreographer. Practicing your first dance together is not only fun but eliminates the chances of awkwardness on the D day.

Lastly, smile, relax, enjoy and be present in the moment. It's your first dance with the love of your life, so make it count.

Stay Off Your Phone

Don't let anything distract you on your wedding day. Please leave your phone in your clutch or give it to a friend or family member; they can make or receive calls on your behalf.

The only thing you need to hold at your wedding ceremony and reception is your bouquet. Don't be that bride or groom that texts in the middle of the ceremony; otherwise, you will disappoint your partner and miss out on the best moments of the day.

Invest in Professional Photography

Hire a great photographer and trust that they will capture even the most minor elements you want to remember. Don't just hire one for a few hours. Remember, it's a once-in-a-lifetime wedding event with your spouse, and it's not the time to worry about the cost.

Thank Your Parents

Your parents have been around and offered great support throughout your wedding planning journey. Please take a moment to thank them after the ceremony. Also, spend some quality time with your mom in the morning as you prepare and take a few photos. Don't forget your dad either; like some brides, you can opt for a father-daughter first look and document the incredible moment on pictures and videos.


Wedding days begin early with makeup, hair, and so much to do later on. have a glass of water close by to hydrate throughout the day. A sip of water will prevent dry mouth and neutralize the glasses of champagne.


Your wedding day will be a beautiful, crazy and thrilling experience. Be present and take a moment to breathe, smile, look at your spouse, and be intentional. Don't stress too much about perfection and miss the unique parts of your celebration.

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